Friday , June 22nd 2018
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DHP Canopy Bed with Sturdy Metal Frame, Twin Size, Pink Review

DHP Canopy Bed with Sturdy Metal Frame, Twin Size, Pink Review


Model: 4020759



    • Sturdy metal frame with a heart scroll design
    • Round finial posts
    • Sheers curtains not included
    • Slat support system makes the use of a box spring optional



4020759 Reviews


This bed is so cute. There are many design options in regards to the colour of this bed, the curtains, and the comforter. It may be customized to fit your childs favorite colours and/or characters which is fantastic. When I buy it I wasnt sure about the dimensions of curtains to use or how many. I thought the only option that would be cheap was likely to be the premade duplex covers. But there were limited choices rather than the best reviews for all these products.I read that a few folks just use curtain sheers, and I enjoyed the look of having curtains all around, but this meant I would have to buy 8 panels which didnt sound economical! Much to my surprise, I found some on amazon which were approximately $6 for a package of two panels. So after purchasing 4 bundles I spent roughly $30 after tax which was just a bit more costly than the premade canopies. They’re size 60×84. The length is somewhat long and I originally thought I would just hem them but now I think Ill just leave it. Https:// also added the led lights, two packages would insure all over the bed, I chose to use only one behind the bed since they were very long and hard to install. I was also worried if I did all round the mattress it might be a strangulation hazzard. These lights look great just behind the one side, this bed is fantastic for young girls. It is very beautiful, simple to establish, and sturdy. In addition, I love that its powerful enough to hold my weight for reading night time stories together. This was a fantastic alternative for my brothers first big girl bed.

DHP Canopy Bed with Sturdy Metal Frame, Twin Size, Pink Review | 4020759 Review


“Could Recommend This! ”

So I cant talk on the longevity of this product because we simply put it tonight but I just had to write up something. My daughter was ready to transition out of her toddler bed and asked for a princess space (duh). My husband and I were searching for something that wasnt going to charge us an arm and a leg but could hold up. I read excellent reviews on this and figured we’d give it a try.So my daughter absolutely freaked out when she found this. Assembly was fairly easy with two people and following the instructions. I was worried about not needing a boxspring (it says one isn’t required) but the bed comes with metal slats that actually get pushed down in position. My husband and I were both very surprised at how research this mattress seems. Usually for $140 you receive something that is going to fall apart from a couple years. I dont think thats the case with this.For the drapes, I got four white sheers from Target. I got 84in ones and tied them up with ribbon. They lay on the floor a bit but I think that it looks fine like that.My daughter couldnt be more happier. She enjoys her new princess bed!

DHP Canopy Bed with Sturdy Metal Frame, Twin Size, Pink Review | 4020759 Review